Contaminated materials can be successfully dealt with on site, using established Powerbetter Mix-in-Place techniques and procedures, where Powerbetters proprietary technology can be used to immobilize and stabilise contaminants within either a loose or solid matrix.

The remediation process is undertaken using Powerbetters Mix-in-Place process, and can be carried out in single or multiple layers, in thicknesses between 150mm and 350mm or more. Customised and purpose built computer controlled machines are the workhorses of the process. Powerbetter continues to extend the range of applications and materials with which the remediation process can be used, and technological advances in the design and manufacture of plant equipment have been instrumental in this development.

For many years, the treatment of highly organic and contaminated/polluted soils by mix-in-place processes was thought to be impractical, particularly when using standard binders such as quicklime and cement. As a leader in market technology, Powerbetter has developed a series of products for use in the stabilisation of peat’s and ground contaminated or polluted with metals, chemicals, oils and other substances or materials which have traditionally been very costly to dispose of or immobilise.