The Powerbetter Mix-In-Place process is carried out in single or multiple layers, of which thicknesses can range between 150mm and 350mm or more.

The process is undertaken using purpose built soils mixing machines, with computer control of mixing depths, moisture addition and of all the important stages of the process. Technological advances have paved the way for the widening uses of the stabilisation process in infrastructure construction, with a wide range of beneficial applications available, on sites from less than an acre to those which are measured in hundreds of hectares.

The treatment processes can be as simple as modifying saturated soils (to restore optimum moisture content) to treatments for use as an engineered fill, as capping and/or subbase replacement, or achieve CBM status.

What is not always understood is the importance of the management of moisture in the soil – i.e. both in identifying the initial natural water content of the soil, and then in any water added to modify the moisture or to hydrate binders. This monitoring and control is only possible due to the advances in soil mixer design – the agricultural approach to stabilisation offers none of the benefits of modern technology, and there is no guarantee of a technically proficient and durable end product.